Convert your earning into time as currency

$ Your Annual Earning Income: {{AnnualEarningUSD | currency}}
$ Your Annual Earning After Tax: {{AnnualEarningUSDafterTax | currency}}
$ Your Hourly Earning: {{YourHourlyEarning | currency}}
$ Your Hourly Earning After Tax: {{YourHourlyEarningAfterTax | currency}}
$ You made {{YourHourlyEarning/60 | currency}} per minute, but your spending power is {{YourHourlyEarningAfterTax/60 | currency}} per minute

Calculations based on 250 working days a year, 40 hours a week, 2080 hours a year
Your True Cost on popular items before and after you have spend on the living cost vs minimum cost

The unit is expressed in working time, where a working week contains 40 hours and 8 hours per day.

ItemsCost by Spending PowerYour True CostMinimum Cost
{{UserDefinedTrueCost | number:1}} min {{UserDefinedTrueCost2 | number:1}} min {{UserDefinedTrueCost3 | number:1}} min
Starbucks Caffee Latte ($2.70){{2.7*Multiplier | number:1}} min{{2.7*MultiplierAfterExpensePaid | number:1}} min{{2.7*MultiplierLivingWage | number:1}} min
McDonald Big Mac ($3.50){{3.5*Multiplier | number:1}} min{{3.5*MultiplierAfterExpensePaid | number:1}} min{{3.5*MultiplierLivingWage | number:1}} min
Spalding NBA Game Official Basketball ($139.99){{139.99*Multiplier/60 | number:1}} hour{{139.99*MultiplierAfterExpensePaid/60 | number:1}} hour{{139.99*MultiplierLivingWage/60 | number:1}} hour
iPad Air 2 - 128GB ($699){{699*Multiplier/60 | number:1}} hour{{699*MultiplierAfterExpensePaid/60 | number:1}} hour{{699*MultiplierLivingWage/60 | number:1}} hour
Under Armour Men's Running Shoe ($79.99){{79.99*Multiplier/60 | number:1}} hour{{79.99*MultiplierAfterExpensePaid/60 | number:1}} hour{{79.99*MultiplierLivingWage/60 | number:1}} hour
Disneyland? Deluxe Annual Passport ($519){{519*Multiplier/60 | number:1}} hour{{519*MultiplierAfterExpensePaid/60 | number:1}} hour{{519*MultiplierLivingWage/60 | number:1}} hour
Monthly Car Payment @ 3 years ($830.50){{830.50*Multiplier/60/40 | number:1}} week{{830.50*MultiplierAfterExpensePaid/60/40 | number:1}} week{{830.50*MultiplierLivingWage/60/40 | number:1}} week
Monthly Rent/Mortage @ 30 years ($2,000){{2000*Multiplier/60/40 | number:1}} week{{2000*MultiplierAfterExpensePaid/60/40 | number:1}} week{{2000*MultiplierLivingWage/60/40 | number:1}} week


A coffee that has a price of $2.70 may cost you to work for {{2.7*Multiplier | number:1}} minutes while it has a minimum cost of {{2.7*MultiplierLivingWage | number:1}} minutes.

  • Cost by Spending Power - The spending power you have after taxed earning.
  • Your True Cost - The spending power based on the taxed earning after you have spend on the minimum living cost [See the living cost break down below]
  • Minimum Cost - The spending power of a person who just meets the minimum cost of living.

Please note that minmum cost of living varied from city to city.

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Monthly Minimum Living Cost for One Adult

This is a break down of a minimum living cost of an adult living in the United States. If the minimum wage is , the annual income after tax will be {{AnnualEarningUSDafterTaxMinimumWage | currency}}. With a minimum wage, one {{MiniWageSatify}} satisfy the minimum cost of living.

Expense ItemAmount
Housing$780 (40%)
Utilities$163 (8%)
Food$335 (17%)
Transportation$256 (13%)
Debt repayment$95 (5%)
Saving$105 (5%)
Clothing$60 (4%)
Entertainment$70 (4%)
Insurance and Other expenses$106 (5%)
Monthly Total$1,970
Annual Expense$23,640


You can change the minimum wage in the text box above. It can show you whether or not the minimum wage can satisfy a minimum living cost. Federal and state law have different minimum wage rates, the higher standard applies. The minmum wage is varied in each state.

Info 2015 Minimum Wage Information from the US Department of Labor