Is school a waste of time?

Is school a waste of time?

Yes and No. It depends how you look at it. School should be a place for obtaining education and skills that eventually lead you to become independent in the real world. School can be a waste of time if we didn't learn anything that are considered useful in the real world. But even if you learned and remembered something from schools, you probably never use it in your jobs. (Or at least the concept of 1+1=2 is still useful in any jobs!)

There are a few ways to look at this issue. School curriculum may be not be up-to-date and they still stuck in the 18th century and lost the sense of reality when the educators stay in school for so long or may be the subjects of learning are not hands-on.

financial literacy
Or is it done purposely with a conspiracy behinds it? If money is the bread of our life, why no school teach financial literacy? Is it ironic? By the time, you graduated from high school or even college, you hardly understand how your credit score is calculated and what are the difference in each type of loans and why the power of compounding interest is important. And you are clueless on how to manage your money even when you reach 50+ years old. It may be a conspiracy after all. For the 99% of working people, we are just working for the top 1% directly and indirectly and from the perspective of one percenters, there is no need for us to learn financial literacy since they just need you to learn more skills so you can work better for them. If you don't have the new skill, you will be replaced. When you become older, you finally accumulate some small wealth, the big corporations advise you to leave your money to them and have professional to manage your money for you in some kinds of investment accounts because you are lack of those skills. But no matter how bad or good they can manage your money, they claim that they do not have the responsibility to keep or generate money for you in their disclaimers but they will charge you monthly for a management fee regardless.

Brain Workout

Back to the school and education topic, I think one good thing comes from school is not a waste of time when I realized that school actually helped me to exercise my brain in varies areas despite I had good and teachers in the school years. It is not about how much knowledge that I learned from school, the result is to have the ability to think, analyze, and challenge the unknown. If you think school is a workout place for your brain, all the subjects and interactions among teachers, students, and subjects you learned are just like working out, where you exercise with different forms and equipments for targeting every part of your muscles in your body. Going to good schools is just like having a good working out, when you workout, you cannot just emphasize building your biceps alone and ignore the rest, you need to have a balance workout that includes cardiovascular activities and train all major groups of muscle at different paces and times. Whether you are working out for keeping yourself healthy or because you participate in some specific sports, working out is like going to school, it is not your final purpose, but a process to attain the goal. When you have a strong brain, you become motivated and you can learn things faster and with confidence and solve problems in our lives with creativities. It's never too late to develop your financial literacy or learn anything that interests you. If we are on a board game, don't let the game conforms you, but become a great player of the game. School could be really a wasted of time if you believe so.